Sinmpson Housing serves as a complete real estate company that functions as a full service corporation all the way from development of property to the property management of large apartment complexes across the United States.

We pride ourselves on our trustworthiness and integrity that is exhibited all the way from our CEO to the employees on the ground who are communicating and assisting our customers.

But what exactly is a full service real estate company? We will focus on our primary function in the marketplace today.

Property Management

Huge apartment communities across the country need full staff on-site to make sure they run smoothly. Think of these entities as small cities. Renters demand excellent customer service from the initial process when they meet with their leasing agent, to the day they move-out of their residence and move onto the next aspect of their life. When the unpredictable occurs such as your air conditioning unit malfunction or an appliance failing, it certainly is comforting to know you have a well reputable company watching over you.

Real Estate Development

The process of selecting the perfect location is just the beginning of a beginning a complex project. We have a team of real estate experts with decades of experience  who understand how important and effective it is to cater to an influential crowd. The majority of our projects are set in affluent areas with access to shopping mails, downtown districts, and fine restaurants and retail centers.

Our large communities cover several acres and require months and even years of advanced planning and communication. The results are modern and stylish apartment homes will all the amenities and features luxury building offer.

Garden Apartments

These communities are smaller projects. The number of units in each one varies but is in the neighborhood of between 11-25 homes per acre

Mid Rise Urban Apartment

Mid Rise Urban Properties

These types of communities have an attached commercial or retail section. The number of units per is much higher in the neighborhood of 100 homes per acre.

With this in mind Sinmpson Housing sets a high standard for the entire real estate industry that competes or operates in our space.

High Rise Properties

Commercial components take up a much greater percentage than compared to the Mid Rise options. Density of units is easily over 100 units for each acre.

Check out some of our apartment properties in Houston, TX.

Luxury High Rise Property

Our Values

To be a successful real estate enterprise it takes a collection of leaders who operate by the highest and most ethical standards. We strive to follow a few of the following principles which raise the bar.

  • Ethical and fair treatment of employees
  • Customer are the lifeblood of business and deserve our utmost attention
  • The values of our team must be aligned with our financial ambitions
  • Always strive to do more tomorrow than you did today

The Vision

Every company whether in real estate or another sector must be exception and forward thinking. The competition will follow.

A well valued company must be one in which is one people want to come work for.

Trust is not to be overlooked and is the main ingredient of any successful relationship or enterprise.


  • Construction resident friendly apartment communities
  • Provide a high rate of return for our primary investors
  • Create a friendly and professional atmosphere for our employees and customers